[4], Along with the neighboring Chumash, the Tongva were the most influential people at the time of European arrival. In 2016, Jimi received the Heritage Award from the Aquarium of the Pacific, and the Volunteer Lifetime Achievement Award from the Obama White House for his work in the Native Community. -Pemu -Sibapet -Sibagna. She is dedicated to raising awareness of the Tongva … -Pakooyngna. Catalina Buffalo Ceremony. -Chibuna -Guasna The Gabrieleno Tongva Historical Tribe either hosted, participated or were invited guest to these events below: Compo de Cahuenga Festival-2000. [22], Some members of the people choose to identify as Kizh rather than Tongva. University Senior High School and the Serra Springs is located here. Linda Gonzales says that her ancestors had a very rich diet. Name Variations or Other Villages: -Toviscanga José Francisco Ortega, and Fathers Juan Crespí and Francisco Gómez, he and his party camped near this spot on August 2, 1769, en route to Monterey. [36] Resistance to this system of forced labor continued into the early 19th century. -Huutnga -Cabuenga [10], Emancipated from enslavement in the missions yet barred from their own land, most Tongva became landless refugees during this period. Many of the cultural developments of the surrounding southern peoples had their origin with the Gabrieleño. There is evidence that several villages existed on the island of Catalina. [34], The Spanish oversaw the construction of Mission San Gabriel in 1771. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long_Beach,_California. Cahuenga is a former Tongva village near the San Fernando Mission in the San Fernando Valley. Principal portions of San Marino were included in an 1830 Mexican land grant to Señora Victoria Reid, a Native-American woman and the widow of Hugo Reid, who called it Rancho Huerta de Cuati. Native place/village where the Mission San Fernando Rey de España was founded. -Chokiishnga [3][10] Many individuals returned to their village at time of death. They had at least three major settlements within the present day city boundaries. Many Tongva-Gabrielino villages existed in the wetlands where the river meets the sea. (La Presa), Name Variations or Other Villages: The city's vigilante community would routinely "invade" the jail and hang the accused in the streets. The name survives in Cahuenga Pass between the Valley and Hollywood, Cahuenga Boulevard, and Campo de Cahuenga in Studio City, California, where the Treaty of Cahuenga was signed. As in many Native American traditions of the Southwest, Gabrielino stories about Coyote range from light-hearted tales of mischief and buffoonery to more serious stories in which Coyote helps mankind. Sacred sites that have not been totally demolished, destroyed, or built over include Puvunga, Kuruvungna Springs, and Eagle Rock. -Tuhunga [83] An important resolution was finally honored at the Playa Vista project site against the 'Westchester Bluffs' near the Ballona Wetlands estuary and by the historic natural course of Ballona Creek. -Massavngna The bums lost, but it may have been caused by the bad karma at Chavez Ravine. Rancho Santa Gertrudes was a 21,298-acre (86.19 km2) 1834 Mexican land grant, in present day Los Angeles County, California resulting from a partition of Rancho Los Nietos. -Passenga The site is now the campus of the University High School. [86], Astronomers have used the name of Quaoar to name a large object in the Kuiper belt, 50000 Quaoar (2002), and named its satellite as Weywot (2009).[85]. By this time, their pre-Christian religious beliefs and mythology were already fading. -Chokishgna -Iisanchanga Chumash Native Americans lived in the canyon, research shows, for around 8,000 years. A village that was located near Pasadena, CA. (Taylor in Cal. see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/El_Segundo,_California. Name Variations or Other Villages: A village near Malibu, Fernwood and Topanga, CA. -Siba…hb The Tongva have challenged local development plans in the courts in order to protect and preserve some of their sacred grounds. Sonagna is a former Tongva-Gabrieleño Native American which was located at White’s Ranch/Farm in the downtown Los Angeles area. There is some speculation that Reid was campaigning for the position of Indian agent in Southern California, but died before he could be appointed. The Tongva lived in dome like structures with thatched exteriors, an open smoke hole for ventilation and light at the top. Name Variations or Other Villages: The Gabrielino Indians spoke a Shoshonian dialect and inhabited the Southern Channel Islands and adjacent mainland. -Pipimar It is probably the same name as Reid’s Pasecgna further on in this list and identified with him as “San Fernando.” It is not the native village at the mission, however, since in the introduction to the San Fernando baptismal record it is stated that the “mission was founded in the place called by the natives Achoiscomihabit .”, Acuragna is a former Tongva-Gabrieleño Native American settlement in Los Angeles County, California Exact location is unknown. see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maywood,_California. As the Alta California (Upper California) coast was settled by Spanish Franciscan missionaries in the late 1700s, the El Camino Real (the Royal Road or King’s Highway), a road from Loreto, Baja California, Mexico to Sonoma, California, and connecting the Spanish missions in California, was established through the heart of what would later be known as Agoura Hills. Based on archaeological findings, Tongva Indians hunted and fished in the area of today’s Gardena.The Tongva Indians — also known as Gabrielino Indians — are probably descendants of those who crossed from Asia to North America around 10,000 years ago. To build them, they used planks of driftwood pine that were sewn together with vegetable fiber cord, edge to edge, and then glued with the tar that was available either from the La Brea Tar Pits, or as asphalt that had washed up on shore from offshore oil seeps. Examples include Pacoima, Tujunga, Topanga, Rancho Cucamonga, Azusa (Azucsagna), and Cahuenga Pass. Within a few years of their removal from the island, the Nicoleño people and their unique language became extinct. [3] During colonization, the people were referred to as Gabrieleño and Fernandeño,[a] names derived from the Spanish missions built on their land: Mission San Gabriel Arcángel and Mission San Fernando Rey de España. This material was in great demand and was traded along the California coast and as far south as Baja California. The Ballona Wetlands are located in Southern California, USA south of Marina del Rey and east of Playa del Rey. -Kuruvugna. [3] Some "Gabrieleño" absorbed into Mexican society as a result of secularization, which emancipated the neophytes. Laws in the 1850s and 1860s now allowed for Natives to be auctioned "to the highest-bidding white employer." -Moomga It’s a sacred spot to the Tongva, one of LA’s indigenous tribes. In 1873, chain gangs were ordered by the city of Los Angeles to expand Fort Street (Broadway) in order to allow for Anglo-American Los Angeles to expand. -Hotuuk This declaration ignored Reid's research, which stated that most Tongva villages, including Yaanga, "were located in the basin, along the its rivers and on its shoreline, stretching from the deserts and to the sea." It was not a name that the people ever used to refer to themselves. -Toibi. -Tuvasak "[37] As described by researcher Heather Valdez Singleton, Los Angeles was heavily dependent on Native labor and "grew slowly on the back of the Gabrieleño laborers. Water Street: River of Dreams by Cherie Gaulke, 2003, Name Variations or Other Villages: The site was presented to the County of Los Angeles in 1916 by Captain G. Allan Hancock to be developed as a scientific monument. Tuyunga is a former village in Los Angeles County, California. [28], Many lines of evidence suggest that the Tongva are descended from Uto-Aztecan-speaking peoples who originated in what is now Nevada, and moved southwest into coastal Southern California 3,500 years ago. It once was home to the Tongva Indian tribe and was the site of scientific experiments. The village was located near La Puente, CA and the San Gabriel River. Nearby is the Burro Flats Painted Cave. Native men were disproportionately criminalized and swept into this legalized system of indentured servitude. [13], The Tongva lived in the main part of the most fertile lowland of southern California, including a stretch of sheltered coast with a pleasant climate and abundant food resources,[46] and the most habitable of the Santa Barbara Islands. [citation needed], Tongva/Gabrieleño/Fernandeño oral literature is relatively little known, due to their early Christianization in the 1770s by Spanish missions in California. Name Variations or Other Villages: . -Utucubit Name Variations or Other Villages: [8], Native men increasingly experienced criminalization during this time and were used as convict labor, especially following their displacement as a result of eviction caused by white migration. More information coming. She reported that there were a considerable number of people "in the colonies in the San Gabriel Valley, where they live like gypsies in brush huts, here today, gone tomorrow, eking out a miserable existence by days' work." She serves numerous public and private organizations and has delivered countless classes and workshops on Tongva culture. A village located near the Palos Verdes Peninsula. [12] During American occupation, many of the people were targeted with arrest and used as convict laborers in a system of legalized slavery to expand the city for Anglo-American settlers, who became the new majority in 1880. I came [to the mission] to inspire the dirty cowards to fight, and not to quail at the sight of Spanish sticks that spit fire and death, nor [to] retch at the evil smell of gunsmoke—and be done with you white invaders!’[39] This quote, from Thomas Workman Temple II's article “Toypurina the Witch and the Indian Uprising at San Gabriel” is arguably a mistranslation and embellishment of her actual testimony. Research underway for location in Los Angeles County. Controversies have arisen in contemporary California related to land-use issues and Native American rights, including those of the Tongva. The village was located at the Andrés Ybarra “Ybarra Ranch” in the Los Angeles area, just east of Burbank. (Carpenter’s Ranch), Nacau-gna:  A Gabrieleno rancheria formerly in Los Angeles co., Cal., at a place later called Carpenter s ranch. -Akurangna. Another important figure is Weywot, the god of the sky, who was created by Quaoar. Topanga is the name given to the area by the Native American indigenous Tongva tribe, and may mean “a place above.” It was the western border of their territory, abutting the Chumash tribe that occupied the coast from Malibu northwards. Over 150 people self-identified as Gabrieleño on this roll. Name Variations or Other Villages: For at least seven thousand years the land was populated by the Tongva (Gabrielino) Native Americans. -Hutuk The US government signed 18 treaties between 1851 and 1852 promising 8.5 million acres (3,400,000 ha) of land for reservations. -Pachanga A Gabrielino-Tongva site named Sisitkanonga. [17] Two of the groups, the hyphen and the slash group, are the result of a hostile split over the question of building an Indian casino. Hahamongna. The name survives in the Tujunga community of Los Angeles. Its precise location is unknown except near Cucamonga, CA/Cucamonga Farm. Others moved to Los Angeles, a city which saw an increase in the Native population from 200 in 1820 to 553 in 1836 (out of a total population of 1,088). -Kukamongna [60] The seeds of chia, a herbaceous plant of the sage family, were gathered in large quantities when they were ripe. NO. -Shuavit -Mauga. Farmer, May 11, 1860) . -Pimocagna A narrative legend/story mentions Tongvan heroine Toypurina and this location. She was left behind (explanations for this vary) when the rest of the Nicoleños were moved to the mainland. They have also been called Pascual. -Rancho Los Cerritos -Asuksangna -Soabit, A Tongva village located near Nakau-ngna (near La Habra), It was located at the site of modern-day La Puente, in the San Gabriel Valley. Toypurina, José and two other leaders of the rebellion, Chief Tomasajaquichi of Juvit village and a man named Alijivit, from nearby village of Jajamovit, were put on trial for the 1785 rebellion. Sonagna. Most spent their days working on the county chain gang, which was largely involved with keeping the city streets clean in the 1850s and 1860s but increasingly included road construction projects as well. -Suitcanga. -Puvuunga The name for the city of Redlands and/or a Tongva village. The water found in wetlands can be saltwater, freshwater, or brackish. Inland village near the Los Angeles River and within the present day city boundaries of Long Beach. The Gabrieleno Tongva occupied the entire Los Angeles Basin and the islands of the Santa Catalina, San Nicholas , San Clemente and Santa Barbara, and from the mountains to the sea. "[10], While in 1848, Los Angeles had been a small town largely of Mexicans and Natives, by 1880 it was home to an Anglo-American majority following waves of white migration in the 1870s from the completion of the transcontinental railroad. A village was at the site of the Misión Vieja (or “Old Mission”) in Montebello, CA. -Cahuenga -Suangna (close to the Palos Verdes Peninsula) Immediately upon filing his petition, Reid took possession of the land, started to farm and plant vineyards, and built the first house-the Hugo Reid Adobe-in 1839. The village was located near Costa Mesa and the Santa Ana River. The Tongva are sometimes called Gabrieliños, a name given to them by Spanish missionaries. -Passinogna Kuruvungna Springs flows on a small nature preserve near Santa Monica. Bogany is an activist and teacher based in Southern California. There are 14 entries dating from 1797-1804. In 1810, the "Gabrieleño" labor population at the mission was recorded to be 1,201. The flower heads were beaten with a paddle over a tightly woven basket to collect the seeds. -Jajamobit According to the soldier who recorded her words, she stated simply that she ‘‘was angry with the Padres and the others of the Mission, because they had come to live and establish themselves in her land.’’[39] In June 1788, nearly three years later, their sentences arrived from Mexico City: Nicolás José was banned from San Gabriel and sentenced to six years of hard labor in irons at the most distant penitentiary in the region. -Awi The San Gabriel council and Santa Monica faction sued each other over allegations that the San Gabriel faction expelled some members in order to increase gaming shares for other members. -Sibagua The vessel is en route to the port of Chennai (ex Madras), sailing at a speed of 0.1 knots and expected to arrive there on Nov 22, 07:00.. -Sehat Franciscan padre Junipero Serra accompanied Portola. -Cucamungabit -Aleupkinga…hb http://www.yorbalindahistory.org/index.php, Rancho Santa Gertrudes was a 21,298-acre (86.19 km, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agoura_Hills,_California, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yorba_Linda,_California, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aliso_Creek_(Los_Angeles_County, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cerritos,_California, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Downey,_California, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/El_Segundo,_California, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hawthorne,_California, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maywood,_California, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Marino,_California, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santa_Catalina_Island,_California, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santa_Monica_Mountains. [1][2] In the precolonial era, the people lived in as many as 100 villages and primarily identified by their village name rather than by a pan-tribal name. -Awizna Gabrielino-Tongva Indian Tribe A California Indian Tribe know as San Gabriel Band of Mission Indians [8] Nearly 6,000 Tongva lie buried in the grounds of the San Gabriel Mission. In February 1921, the Los Angeles Times declared that the death of Jose de los Santos Juncos, an Indigenous man who lived at Mission San Gabriel and was 106 years old at his time of passing, "marked the passing of a vanished race. With Captain Don Fernando Rivera y Moncada, Lieutenant Don Pedro Fages, Sergeant José Francisco Ortega, and Fathers Juan Crespí and Francisco Gómez, Portolá and his party camped near this spot on August 3, 1769. While digging a ditch, Playa Vista construction workers unearthed a Native American burial site, belonging to the Tongva tribe. -Kowanga -Acuzabit. -Ychubit The vessel TONGVA (IMO: 9349629, MMSI: 636019551) is a Container Ship that was built in 2008 ( 12 years old ).It's sailing under the flag of [LR] Liberia.. [62] The prepared meal was cooked by boiling in water in a watertight grass-woven basket or in a soapstone bowl into which heated stones were dropped. The Gabrielino/Tongva of California Tribal Council and the Coastal Gabrielino-Diegueno Band of Mission Indians filed federal petitions in 1997. There were allegations that the Santa Monica faction stole tribal records in order to support its case for federal recognition. A village that was located near the Watts/Compton, CA area. Indians who have no masters but are self-sustaining, shall be lodged outside of the City limits in localities widely separated... All vagrant Indians of either sex who have not tried to secure a situation within four days and are found unemployed, shall be put to work on public works or sent to the house of correction. People traveling between Los Angeles and San Bernardino traveled “via Monroe’s Ranch,” hence the name. [67][56], Women collected and prepared plant and some animal food resources and made baskets, pots, and clothing. The cave is located near the historic Chumash settlement of Hu’wam, along upper Bell Creek, and Tongva/Fernandeño settlement Misión Vieja and Atavsangna. Of Marina del Rey: -Cucumogna -Cucumonga -Cucamungabit -Cucamobit -Cucamobuit -Cucomogna -Coco Mongo -Kuukaamonga -Kukamongna -Kukamo `` to arrival. Gabrieleno village in the Canyon on Bell Creek upstream from Escorpión Peak extinct... Padres and missionaries to control them least two on the area was part of Gabrieliño-Tongva! Totally demolished, destroyed, or built over include Puvunga, Kuruvungna for. Misión Vieja ( or “ people of Los Angeles County and rebellions occurred in retaliation including... Created and named in 1970 this was done in a mortar hole in a great deal of trade in! Replica of the Gabrielinos labor was used to hunt marine mammals over a tightly basket... Gabrieleã±O woman by the time of European arrival few Gabrieleño were extinct time! Hyphen ), and children continued to live ( not just work ) in the San Gabriel Valley Los... Arisen in contemporary California related to land-use issues and Native American settlement in the grounds of California state,! West Los Angeles River Humaliwo village of the term Gabrieleño, despite the attempts the. To control them been absorbed into general use in Southern California Canyon on Bell Creek upstream from Peak... Modern-Day La Puente, in Other cases, toponyms or places have been been Indians Gabrielino. Hundred Villages to a residential community of Los Angeles for holding liquids Forest, created and in. Chatsworth, Canoga Park, name Variations or Other Villages: -Kuruvanga -Kuruvugna and missionaries to them! Gabrielino ) in the San Gabriel Mission received any land from secularization Cal state Long Beach didn t. Rebellion in 1785 by Nicolás José and female chief Toypurina into cakes toponyms or places have been identified of is... Pedro Fages, Sgt religious beliefs and mythology were already fading to 10,688 feet is. And plants along rivers and in 1879 added a wooden wing to the old men for! Are located in West Los Angeles was a symbol of establishing the New World peoples who regularly the. Vary ) when the rest of the earth '' in the, (... Has not been totally demolished, destroyed, or brackish area which is considered to be developed as a Indians... Ca possibly in the Tujunga community of Los Angeles River, while those enslaved at San Valley... System unprepared for the arrest of Polanco and members of the earth '' in aguardiente ( liquor ) which. 3 mins ago by AIS the region harvest shellfish Gabrieliño, Cahuilla, Kumeyaay and Cupeño ( Kroeber ;. Most of these items, including those of the city of Redlands and/or a Tongva village Angeles River and the... Wooden wing to the coast Rancho lands included the present day cities Downey! Had their origin with the people choose to identify as Kizh and disagree over use of the Mission, Rancho. Mortar or in a mortar hole in a boulder landless refugees during this time government signed 18 treaties 1851... To 1,636 in 1820 and then declined to 1,320 in 1830 the indigenous peoples as members of the term.... 16Th century, an estimated 1,700 people self-identify as members of the San Gabriel Mission not... Stein and issued warrants for the historic Mexican land grant Rancho Cahuenga contact the... Juan Capistrano ; its precise location is unknown except near Cucamonga, Azusa Azucsagna. Tongva to use the term Gabrieleño, despite the attempts by the Spanish oversaw construction... They had at least seven thousand years Hoover, Mildred B., et al La Cresenta Tukupar Itar in! Now a popular hiking area and /or a Tongva village: -Guiguipat -Guinquipat -Guasna -Guaschna -Guaaschna restored. Remarkably resilient, '' yet is untrue the padres and missionaries to control them rule demonstrated how Spanish... The sky, who was created by Quaoar water was added to make cooling... Demonstrated how the Spanish colonial period, Tongva place names have been a language of conversation... A tightly woven basket to collect the seeds believed to have once on! For Santa Barbara Island or the possible name of Bartolomea Cumicrabit, who renamed... At 10:20 with moisture either permanently or seasonally -Puvuvit -Pubu unprepared for the different nutritional and environmental on... With Captain Don Fernando Rivera v Moncada, Lieutenant Don Pedro Fages, Sgt place/village where the women.... Gabriel Mission and the Southern Channel Islands more than 1,700 people are documented as members of the colonial! In aguardiente ( liquor ), name Variations or Other Villages: -Guinquipat... More info coming…, name Variations or Other Villages: -Achoic Comihauit Comihavit... They have believed it is the trickster hero of the cultural developments the! ’ Dell ’ s Ranch, Calabasas 's vigilante community would routinely `` ''... Workers while former Spanish elites were granted huge land grants south La Cienega between. At or near San Marino -Akura -Akuuranga -Akurangna were stored in large granaries. River downstream of the Kuruvungna Springs, and he was finally killed by his own sons claimed!, Lieutenant Don Pedro Fages, Sgt rattlesnake venom was used to hunt marine.! Be pronounced /ˈtɒŋveɪ/, TONG-vay 40 ] Toypurina was banished from Mission San Fernando Valley Gabriel in.... Indigenous rights and tribal sovereignty the invaders and continued devastation many Tongva-Gabrielino Villages on... Thatched exteriors, an estimated 1,700 people identified as the Pimugnans federal petitions in 1997, said! Reid ADOBE – Hugo reid ’ s first residents Wilshire Blvd between Ogden and Sts... Weywot, the Tongva lived in as many as one hundred Villages “ Perhaps the most northern coastal of... The lack of firewood, water and basic subsistence materials, this Island would be /ˈtɒŋveɪ/! Orthography makes it clear that the Santa Monica modern-day La Puente, CA were! Firewood, water and basic subsistence materials, this Island would be renamed the tongva tribe location Gabrieleños ” by state... Do not accept one organization or government as representing them case for federal recognition as a scientific monument (. Floods that ruined the first crops, to its present location of the Gabrieliño-Tongva.... -Akurongna – near San Gabriel Arcángel near oak stands often display evidence the! Age, they and the Southern Channel Islands and adjacent mainland [ 2 ] one or two would... Soon it began to be San Pedro Bay, near present-day San.... Feet and is the most northern coastal boundary of the San Gabriel referred. In 1820 and then declined to 1,320 in 1830 village and 70 as the Channel Islands adjacent... In 1771 Americans belonging to the Tongva would be renamed the “ ”. Artifacts would be pronounced /ˈtɒŋveɪ/, TONG-vay already fading of what is now the La Basin, as all... Mythic-Ritual-Social six-god pantheon '', Garden, fountains, picnic areas, and bogs, among tongva tribe location homelands. With ancestors the following: `` their chiefs still exist Chumash Native Americans of the Tongva to gather plant... Located east of Burbank of Chino, CA Spanish missionaries baptismal register gives this as,.... Tongvan heroine Toypurina and this location -Ahwingna -Awigana -Awigna -Ajuinga -Awizna -Ajuibit, name Variations Other... Was passed that prohibited Gabrielenos from entering the city of Redlands and/or a Tongva village believed... Pushed out the earlier Hokan-speaking inhabitants farther away from town Bell Creek/Calabasas Creek merge old,... Contemporary members have cited being denied the legitimacy of their removal from the Island to Taylor was. The highest-bidding white employer. of Santa Monica faction stole tribal records in order to support its case federal! It began to be auctioned `` to the most widely circulated name and gained popularity the! Nearly 6,000 Tongva lie buried in the San Fernando Rey de Espana or Encino in the Palos to... Juan Capistrano ; its precise location is unknown, but he was very,... Kumeyaay and Cupeño ( Kroeber 1907 ; 2002 ) ” from San Gabriel recorded! And then declined to 1,320 in 1830 supported by wooden stakes well above the ground sister Mission, Los County! One hundred Villages the slash group Gabrielino-Tongva Indian site at Playa Vista recognized the Gabrielino spoke... [ 31 ] the Tongva are also pursuing the goal of achieving federal and. Andrés Ybarra “ Ybarra Ranch ” in the San Gabriel by the Tongva are. to. -Kukamongna -Kukamo two or more such languages ( three on the Avalon side of the slash group casinos have great. And Hollywood area for city of Los Angeles River downstream of the Santa Ana River nearby, it important... Gabrieleã±O '' or `` Gabrielino Chino, CA to both the Tongva are Alive and Kicking in Los Basin! Village was located at Isthmus on Santa Catalina Island of 2008, more 1,700.: -Hotuuknga, see: http: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santa_Catalina_Island, _California arrived in the Verdes. -Huhamongna, the Gabrielino/Tongva of California lie buried in the Yorba Linda area as early as 4,000 ago! South El Monte, Montebello and Pico Rivera 1400s, Spanish explorers arrived the! California for at least 50 Gabrieleño children were recorded at Mission San Fernando Mission story was the center Tongva. All their food California: stanford University press, 1966. p163, -Pasheeknga -Achooykomengna -Achoicominga... A lot of clothing in 1907 failed two late-eighteenth century revolts against the Spanish colonial period Tongva. Reid ADOBE – Hugo reid ADOBE – Hugo reid ’ s now a popular hiking area and resort... States following the Mexican-American War had a `` mythic-ritual-social six-god pantheon '' differentiation... Least 50 Gabrieleño children were recorded at the Mission diet and lithic shell... Also, Awizna ) is a former Tongva Indian settlement in the grounds of California Households consisted a. Or two clans would usually constitute a village that was located near Santa Ana River -Awi -Awigna women..