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  • Also Is there any advantage to sticking only to technical line throughout your career rather than moving into management line? margin-left: 0; Here’s the good news — network engineers are in high demand. Building optimized networks is impossible without creative problem-solving.
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    • Courses include the theory of computer networking, test practical knowledge and teach you how to perform networking tasks.
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    • Configure and maintain the organization's internal computer network.
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      • Programming: * You always create something, even while maintaining existing software. With flexible self-paced or instructor-led training options, you have access to real experts and resources to confidently advance your networking career in no time. You’ll be assisting senior engineers with networking tasks, and it’s a great way to build your skill set.
    Once you’ve gained entry-level IT experience, you need to identify your career path. .mm-custom ul li { Victor Lee Account Executive Networking Specialists 123 Business Rd. Luckily, soft skills can be learned. With networking training courses, you’ll learn about operating systems, information security, network administration and programming essentials.
  • Wherever the need for technical, business and people skills converge, you’ll likely find a rare breed of talent: the sales engineer. Depending on the organization, they may require specific certifications or training courses.
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    Training courses and IT certifications are a great way to supplement on-the-job training. I worked with a client—a covert job seeker—who revealed that he’d recently attended a local career networking event. Whether you’re looking for an IT certification or just want to take a few networking courses, New Horizons training can help you develop networking skills to boost your career.