oliver toshic. USS Perry (1843), a sailing brig 1843–1865. The USS Oliver Hazard Perry FFG-7 was the first ship of the "Oliver Hazard Perry Frigate Class" in which 51 ships were built. The USS Oliver Hazard Perry(CVN-66) is a United States Navy supercarrier and the first of the Oliver Hazard Perry class of aircraft carriers, often called the Hazard-class.The ship is often referred to as the Hazard Perry as opposed to simply Perry to avoid confusion with the guided missile destroyer USS Commodore Matthew Perry or the M1 Perry tank.. Launched: September 25, 1976 PERRY was built by Bath Iron Works, Bath, Maine, and commissioned on 17 December 1977. february 14th, 2016. old (around 2005...), superstructure is moderately accurate (as large ship can be), but i completely missed the position of the sonar (i thought it have to be on the bow, i don't informed myself enough). ,ef