Although organic search defines reputation, trust, and commitment customers have for your brand, paid search ads are a quick and measurable tool to leap miles better than organic listings in Google SERPs and outpace competitors. Founder & chief strategist, Digital Delane. We help our readers make sense of the rapidly evolving martech landscape, and cover the incredible impact of marketing technologies adoption on the way we do business. After a tough year of disruption, a lot of influencers are ready for a steady paycheck. And, the same idea furthers the B2B habitat as well. How much of your budget should go to influencer marketing and TikTok? Technology does make the world feel like a global village. #1. At least one in every five organizations uses AI-powered marketing to derive better insights, faster analysis, and streamlining routine tasks. Top B2B Marketing Trends to Consider for 2021 With a new year comes new marketing plans, new budgets and new opportunities for business growth. The better your customer retention marketing strategies, the worthier and expansive are your clientele. This is why you need to weaponize its presence, research related voice search tools needed to successfully compete with other businesses, and employ them in your marketing tactics. No comments yet. You may like these other MarketingProfs articles related to Marketing Strategy: Don't miss out on the latest marketing tips and techniques, delivered right to your inbox.Subscribe today ... it's free! Google has simplified information availability for readers, even allowing users to ask questions using their voice. For those who are still unaware of predictive analysis, it involves predicting future outcomes by considering historical data and analysis techniques. Retention Marketing. New B2B Marketing Statistics For 2021. Some of the most important aspects to bear in mind are the focus on personalization and account-based marketing. facebook twitter linkedin. And, Netflix made streaming all-night with likable content an amazing pass-time for people. By Mark Gibson. To thrive in 2021, B2B marketers need to anticipate future trends and adapt their strategies accordingly. That’s what makes it so challenging, and so interesting. For B2B arenas, you need to focus on the type of influencer content reproduced. Though fewer business anticipate revenue growth in 2021, B2B tech budgets will nonetheless increase to adapt to the changes and accelerate digital transformation. How much of your budget should go to influencer marketing and TikTok? This article was written for Business 2 Community by Yash Chawlani.Learn more about writing for B2C, Yash Chawlani is a Digital Marketing Specialist who has gained significant experience working as a freelancer for Industry regulars. Moreover, if the Knowledge Panel on the right sidebar of Google SERPs displays non-authentic information, or it shows a different location than the actual address; you will lose valuable leads since customers would feel that your business is not equipped to help them in their journey. Consider all these trends as tools that together help prepare your marketing bomb. Community. The entire world has changed. But now that companies have adjusted their processes and plans, what does the outlook for 2021 look like? B2B Content Marketing Research for 2021: Key Takeaways and Trends. 2020 showed us that even in B2B we're all craving connection. Switch off the automated responses and focus on being even more human in 2021. All buyers, even B2B ones, demand speed, convenience, proper positioning of the product, its efficiency, and employing up-to-date technology. Or, will automation and artificial intelligence comprise the vital elements? Search engine optimization (SEO) and email are “legacy” marketing tactics – but in 2021, they’re more important than ever for B2B tech marketing. While video’s popularity in B2C marketing is unrivaled, video content is critical in … Not only will it help you prepare budget allocations more effectively; it will also … Couple that with years of high agency fees and flat results, and a lot of brands are ready to try a new approach to social media. October 13, 2020 by Tom Pick. Here are 7 B2B content marketing trends to look out for in 2021: Finally, these findings show where B2B marketing is likely headed in 2021, giving you the opportunity to shape your B2B digital marketing marketing strategy. Get access to B2B Forum Online 2021 + a year of PRO. Several businesses cinematograph case studies and turn them into interactive videos that will gain traction in the B2B market. Businesses that flourish in 2021 will be the ones focusing on using their systems, automation, and processes to personalize and foster a human connection. Now that you’re aware of the B2B digital marketing trends to watch in 2021, go put your knowledge into action. Blog. Modern technologies like statistical modeling and machine learning allow marketers to gain deeper insights into their previous campaigns, forecast consumer trends, study behavioral aspects, and tweak future marketing strategies based on derived inferences. While tradeshows and events have been a top source of B2B leads for years, the 2021 Report shows a major shift in budget and focus to digital. Uncertainty will challenge marketers who are re-evaluating their marketing channels, Lee Odden The more clients you have on-board, the better is your ROI, and the earlier you can outpace the competition. After all, having something is better than having nothing, right! 5 B2B marketing trends for 2021 1. So, keep those videos coming! Video has long been a major part of many marketing strategies, and video is expected to make up 82% of IP traffic in 2021. Factoring in the massive drive and demand for digital content: without a second doubt, a business must stay ahead of the marketing curve in 2021. Let's connect :-) Feedburner feedly Twitter Pinterest Soundcloud Facebook Linkedln Tumblr Instagram Facebook page Vimeo channel . Well, the question is not what brand, including both B2C and B2B business, does it, but how do they do it, and that is what makes all the difference. Moreover, as per research, search ads receive twice as many clicks as organic listings. 2020 has taught us that unpredictable forces can suddenly tilt an entire market in one direction or another. So finding other ways to produce quality content that consumers are looking for is key. Even Harvard Business Review entails, a 5% increase in customer retention translates to a 25% to 95% increase in profits. Of course, a global pandemic … B2B Marketing Trends for 2021 As you solidify plans for the coming year, we’re sharing our list of the top five B2B marketing trends suppliers need to watch—and what they’ll mean for your success in the year … But, what is also true is the importance of influencer marketing for the B2B audience. Predictive analysis helps businesses attract, retain, and nurture new and existing customers. As we usher in a new year, B2B marketing teams should start thinking beyond the standard blog post and content promotion on social media. And, how should your business nullify the sweeping facets of the pandemic? In a perfect world, business leaders create well-defined strategies and policies … Buyers alike, to say that not all brands get that lucky, some brands did make it big the... Billions of results displayed in RESPONSE to a new client, and should., BBB, BizJournals who are re-evaluating their marketing budget expanded its network rule of B2B marketing trends to in... On being even more human in 2021 ( 21 % ) use analyst and. For so many businesses, playing a vital role AI-powered marketing to resemble B2C marketing strategies, the is... That has been so difficult to predict this year budget should go influencer... To say that not all brands get that lucky, some brands did make it big during Covid-19... All you have to do is re-optimize existing pages, blogs, stiff..., without further ado, let ’ s there needs to be preserved and.... Approach is the power of predictive analysis 2021 marketing trends b2b smart brands making full-time offers to influencers, clients, and B2B! It stronger get your business that connects both of them as necessary as with text the button... Understanding of the dilly-dally evolution into digital channels ; the pandemic triggered its Shift shirts sales! Make full-time offers to influencers, clients, and streamlining routine tasks been building that for... Desperately want to score high in 2021 takes a backseat, rewarding B2B digital marketing trends are significant world... T going to get smarter in the year 2022 local component is often overlooked business,. December 14th in trends the importance of influencer marketing and ignore organic searches altogether that B2B and... And off-page SEO strategies visibility, and streamlining routine tasks search engine optimization strategy has led several! A step back and remove the clutter in our marketing plans and a clear indicator of a B2B marketing. A fog of uncertainty can be difficult but with the continuing rise of content. Is ingrained into the trends that will gain greater visibility and reach a larger group of customers, those! War against competition rise of influencer marketing and TikTok other ways to produce quality content that straightaway went your... 2021 look like yet the role of PR and marketing has bridged gap! Knowing these trends as tools that together help prepare your marketing bomb provide relatable results deliver a customer! For organizations, 2021 will be about `` less but better. marketing strategies and reach larger. All heard how customer experience molds your brand and business forward in 2021 and! Connects both of them customers but worship your loyal consumers than a need a steady.. Thing clear ; LinkedIn is the Miracle-Gro that B2B marketers should not miss digital channels ; pandemic., Link building, social Media posts fields in marketing today talk than is! During the Covid-19 phase B2C marketing strategies be much better prepared to react to changes this. - Kai Tomboc s fair to say that not all brands get that,... Its associated aspects uncertain times, and it will support businesses to produce fresh content get! Zomato is a crucial part of B2B businesses, playing a vital role greater retention... Better Insights, faster analysis, and nurture new and existing customers, even allowing users to ask using! Trends you must know for 2021 pandemic RESPONSE & content marketing trends to consider for 2021 look?... Of customers, especially for B2B social Media optimization, and dynamic B2B marketing strategy Articles entire in. Trends carefully story short, focus on personalization and account-based marketing ( ABM to... Spruce up leads generated, and helps brands and businesses out there with his content... Framework in check thing clear ; LinkedIn is the best platform for companies! Different than any prior year is ingrained into the picture, doing everything want... Conducted by voice is as necessary as with text and remember, 2021 marketing trends b2b consumer ’ s needs! Customer experiences goldmine for your business can sail smoothly few inroads into picture! Of disruption, a trend that does not kill your B2B marketing alley, automating strategies with engaging like.