Uploaded: 19 Sep 2020 . Arazealean: Increases One-Handed, Two-handed and Handicraft by <2>, and Health by <5> points. Love the mod, but if there is one thing I'd like to see changed it's the stamina system, it gives damage penalties the lower your stamina and then no more power attacks which is fine, but there is no way to recover stamina except drinking potions so there is very little way to interact with the system, so what happens is if you are facing one enemy you just spam attacks and then recover out of combat, if there are multiple enemies you either drink a potion or hit them with your wet noodle with nothing else you can really do because of how slow it recovers in combat. trees), - Sneak attack damage with dagger from x2.8 to x3 (knife thrust sneak attack multiplier from x4.2 to x4.5), - Fixed the description of "Wall" spells and staffs, - Removed an unused spellbook from the three river watch, - Translated the description regarding arcane fever of Staff of Healing and Second Breath, - Second Breath/Staff of Healing arcane fever from 0.75% to 0.5%, - Spell Ward Rank I/II values increased from 30/50 to 40/55, - Purge (Mystical) area of effect from 175 to 150 (vanilla = 250), - Rune sound from silent to normal (vanilla = loud), - The damage of the "turn undead fire" effect is no longer considered fire and is now considered "light damage" (this damage is not resistable and only affects undead creatures), - Frost spells deal 5% less damage (this is because of the indirect buff to frost spells because of stamina management on enemies), - Mage Light/Candle Light no longer has brightness (because it didn't really work) but instead now scales in radius. It would be more economical if they had pinch of salt recipes. To this end, Enderal is so well presented it's easy to forget it's an overhaul of a big-budget game made on a part-time basis by a group of keen, but ultimately hobbyist, modders. Enderal Gameplay Overhaul is a complete overhaul of the gameplay mechanics of Enderal. spider melee bite poison duration from 60 to 90), - Reduced the stamina drain from spider poison by 35%, - Increased the aggressiveness of wolves/spiders/rats/giants/bears in combat slightly, - Reworked mana regeneration calculation (slightly less than before), - Mana Fungus, Alcohol and the Mentalist Master Perk are now calculated correctly (therefore MUCH worse), - NPC's spell manacost increased (multiplier from 0.75 to 0.9, vanilla = 0.5), mana regen increased because of the afore mentioned recalculations, - Saldrins Touch is now harder to find at merchants (and no longer available in riverville), - Mystic Arrow damage increased from 6 to 7, - Mystical Battle Axes deal 1 more damage at all ranks, - Mindstorm added 3 new effects, increased the chance/magnitude/duration of some effects, increased manacost slightly, - Increased Manacost of Healing Aura Rank I/II slightly, - Resistance against Poison resistance from 40/60% to 30/50%, Manacost decreased, Inventory art changed, - Fixed the health regeneration tooltip of apparitions (you need to resummon your apparition after installing the update), - Improved the combat AI's of apparitions slightly, - Stunning Blow perk paralyze duration from 2 to 3, - Light Weight perk now increases your movement speed as if you're not wearing light armor, - Fast Reflexes perk slows down the player by 50% (same as steadfast perk), - Devious perk detection chance decreased from 10/18% to 8/15%, - Warrior of the Shadows perk bonus sneak attack damage from 40% to 35%, - Ambrosia arcane fever reduction from 15% to 13%, - Reworked loot in sacks, sacks now mostly consist of 1 thing (e.g. Enderal Gameplay Overhaul is a complete overhaul of the gameplay mechanics of Enderal. and by the Skyrim Mod "Requiem". Damage of this hazard reduced from 3 to 2 per second (the effect lasts for 3 sec), - The changes made to the hazard result in much less damage for some spells (mostly frost spells, e.g. Enderal strips away everything you know about Skyrim’s story, location, assets, and characters, leaving pretty much only the game’s engine intact. Author: IxionXVII. - Players can no longer sell forbidden learning books at law abiding merchants, - Players can no longer sell forbidden spellbooks at law abiding merchants (causes a very minor inconsistency in the menu tooltip), - Replaced a level 33 mage with a level 26 one in The Hollow Hand, - Removed the metal grating from a passage blocking the way to a room in The Hollow Hand (makes it easier to dodge the initial attack), - Entropists are more likely to cast spells in combat, - Wild Mages and "dragon priests" are slightly less likely to use staffs (they'll still use them), - Lost Fleshmaggot Sufferer no longer have enchanted boots and an enchanted bow, - Ghost of an Ishyian increased health, increased xp, added a summon spell, reduced cast time on his lighnting bolt, - Navigator/The Mechanist increased xp gained, - Increased health of all starling centurios by 50, increased health of level 50 and above centurios by another 50, - Increased health of level 30 starling guardians by 25, - Increased health of all starling spiders by 10, increased health of spiders in starling city by another 15, - Increased stamina of all humans (including the player) by 10, - Stamina regeneration penalty in combat from 23% to 25% (same as mana), - Soil Elementals are less likely to attack in melee, increased the chance they fall back in combat, - Removed 8 placed Ambrosia (from NPC's and the world), replaced 5 ambrosia with a random high level potion (From NPC's and Soil Mounds), - Removed Ambrosia and Ghost Curse from lower level chests, - Removed Potion of Poison Protection from low level potion lists, - Added Potion of Poison Protection, Ambrosia and Ghost Curse to higher level potion lists, - Potion of Poison Protection value from 65 to 60, - Ambrosia value from 60 to 75, arcane fever reduction from 12% to 15%, - Added cooldown description to all talents while meditating, - Fixed Skarragian Stance magic menu description, - Shock Nova shock damage is now resisted by shock resistance, - Shock Nova shock damage from 30/45/60 to 40/55/70, - Arctic Wind now also drains stamina (same amount of damage to stamina and health), - Arctis Wind damage per second from 2/2/2 to 1/2/3, added additional description to the perk, - Devour Soul cooldown from 5 to 10, fixed the description of rank II (it drains mana not stamina on second rank), - Portable Laboratory increased alchemy magnitude from 0/5/10 to 0/6/12, cooldown from 60/40/20 to 180/90/5, - Weathermancy shock damage from 15% to 20%, frost damage from 20% to 30%, - Wolf Blood perk fixed description that said the limit to the potions is 3 minutes. Please see the. It offers an immersive open world, all for the player to explore, overhauled skill systems and gameplay mechanics, and a dark, psychological storyline with believable characters. Keys of the Forgotten Temple (there are 2 left), Removed a duplicate Rune Key, - Replaced the small Backpack from the beginning of the game with a stamina potion, - Removed some more rancid healing potions at the beginning, - Novice locks are slightly harder to pick, - Belosh the Searcher health, level and xp slightly reduced, - Redrick Borecut health, skills slightly increased, - Fixed the chest in Riverville facing in the wrong direction, - Increased the experience needed for a level up slightly, - Stamina threshold for physical damage increase/decrease from 100-75/74-24/25-6/5-0% to 100-70/69-31/30-11/10-0% (+10%/+0%/-10%/-30% damage), - Damage reduction while having 10% or less stamina from 25% to 30%, - Completely rebalanced stealth (e.g. ), - The player now gains manacost reduction for every slot where he is not wearing any armor (excluding shields, clothing/robes does not count as armor), - Increased the manacost of all adept/expert/master spells by 2/4/6%, - Slightly increased the xp needed to gain a level up (about 2%), - Reworked the aggro radius of many undead slightly, - Starling constructs are now immune to all slow effects, - Slightly increased buying prices and slightly reduced selling values, - Cure Disease Potion value from 80 to 50, - Increased the value of some teleport scrolls by 5, - The 3 "secure" chests added in riverville/ark/duneville no longer have loot in them, - Replaced pennies in starling chests with Ancient Crystal Coins, - Reworked the loot of beehives, backpacks, some corpses and some other containers, - Lycanthrope fixed the poison resistance description, - Lycanthrope reduced stamina regeneration from 5 to 4.6, - Lycanthrope power attack stamina cost reduced by 25%, - Fixed a bug which permanently added/removed movement speed after a wolf transformation depending on your armor/light armor skill, This doesn't work retroactively, if you have a problem with your movement speed feel free to message me, - Fixed psionic spells dealing less damage to undead, ghosts and elementals with the abyss perk (= +18% dmg), - Psychosis slow (with the abyss perk) no longer slows enemies with slow immunity, - Concentration perk psionic spell duration increase from 13/25% to 15/28%, - Concentration perk no longer affects psionic damage spells with a duration of 1 (= dreameater, psionic push extra damage), In vanilla you can produce materials worth "192" with 1 Feline Pelt worth "15" (this takes no particular skill and practically no time, this is now completely fixed), - Strong Leather now produces 2 leather pieces instead of 4, - Feline Predator Pelts now produce 1 strong leather piece instead of 2, - Bear Pelts now produce 2 "strong leather" pieces instead of 4 "leather" pieces, - Renamed "Feline Cat Pelt" to "Feline Predator Pelt", - Gold/Silver ingot now produces 1 gold/silver ring instead of 2, - The recipes for gold/silver rings with jewels now need flawless jewels, - Reworked the weight/value of "Scrap Metal of an Ancient Nation" based on their appearance, - Reworked the number of created "Metal Ingot of an Ancient Nation" based on the weight of the scrap metal, - Iron Ingot value from 8 to 10, Silver Ingot value from 50 to 60, Silver Ore value from 22 to 30, - Undead and Ghosts receive 50% less entropy damage, - "Giants" (e.g. Combat - Melee. This is a complete overhaul of the gameplay mechanics of Enderal. resistance potions), - A ton of small changes to alchemical effect value modifiers, - Fixed the description of fortify elementarism effects (it doesn't lower manacost but increases magnitude), - Increased the magnitude of some effects on Fire/Frost/Void Salt, - Some other small changes to the magnitude of some effects on some specific ingredients, - Increased the magnitude of crafted fortify armor potions by 100%, - Pre-enchanted strenghten apparition rings magnitude reduced (about 10% on low level gear, about 25% on high level gear), - Strenghten apparition player enchantment magnitude reduced by 10%, - Claw damage and strenghten apparition enchantments are no longer applicable to body armor, - Vendors that sell mostly food (Innkeeper etc.) It offers an immersive open world, all for the player to explore, overhauled skill systems and gameplay mechanics, and a … - Dark Keeper affinity Entropic Craze description stated that it increases your damage by 25%. more mana for mages), lower level ones gained higher boosts than higher level ones, - Darkhand NPC's (dragon priests) health increased by 50, - Krustis Darkhand increased level by 2, slightly increased the damage of his spells and added new summon skeleton ability, - Replaced level 5 skeletons in the Ark Crypt with level 10 skeletons, - Increased player base movement speed from 95 to 97, - Reduced the tracking of attacks (especially on power attacks), - Removed some unnecessary Theriantropist/Phasmalist loading screens (as i originally intended), - Fixed the stamina drain bug (Stamina drain from actions sometimes didn't stop), - Horses are no longer killable (Unfortunately this caused a bug with the horse flute), - "Shadowsong" and "Staff of the Diseased Soul" drain 10x more health (for some reason these staffs drained very little health), - "Anathema" (unique silver sword added by EGO) has a new effect and is stronger (the blade is now cursed), - Baldris Root has the "Reduce Arcane Fever" alchemical effect (instead of "Weakness to Fire), - Nightshade "Reduce Arcane Fever" alchemical effect from 1 to 2, - Fog Sponge value from 5 to 4, wolfblood and chymica alchemical effect slightly reduced, Replaced unused spell books of apparitions, Reworked mage/hybrid apparition spell books (higher rank, more variety), Apparitions now carry/wear things appropriate to their skills, - Additional changes to aggro radii from enemies (they got updated again with, - Fixed some translation issues (Thanks to "Stemajzl"), - Amulet of the Meadow Spirits now grants 10 rhetoric and 20% poison resistance, - Endrelean Sublime Garb fixed a small problem with disenchanting the item, no longer grants increased rhetoric (only barter prices get better), - Increased the value of some higher level spellbooks (e.g. - Completely rebalanced pre-enchanted jewelry: Previously some lower level jewelry was stronger, cheaper and easier to find than higher level jewelry, Previously the magnitude values were completely random. fortify entropy was much stronger than fortify psionic, Nerfed manareducing effects (because the player enchanted version was also nerfed some patches ago), Rebalanced the value, higher level jewelry is more expensive, Removed some duplicate pre-enchanted jewelry, Made some changes to pre-enchanted gear in general. - Counter Silence duration is 5/7/9, stagger intensity now also scales with rank, - Counter no longer works on elementals (elemental attacks are not considered spells in EGO), - Counter initial red FX now disappears, added new FX for the silence effect, - Followers have slightly reduced resistances, - Some very small changes to undead/human combat AI (slightly less aggressive, not even noticable on humans), - Ash Widow now deals additional fire damage with melee attacks (they only use it if they're silenced), - Yogosh/Experimentator deals additional entropy damage with melee attacks (they only use it if they're silenced), - Ancestral Ghosts deal additional frost damage with melee attacks (they only use it if they're silenced), - Silver Steel Dagger of the Frost Wrath (new) added to Poldir, - Silver Steel Sword of the Arcane Wrath (new) added to Entropist Thordem, - Replaced a "Silver Steel Sword of the Frost Wrath" with the new Arcane Wrath one, - Higher level mages have a much higher chance to have an additional spell, - Replaced Summon Oorbaya on many wild mages with a random elemental summon (fire/ice/soil/mud, mud and soil are new), - Many low level mages have Rank I Oorbaya instead of Rank II, Some higher level mages have Rank II Oorbaya instead of Rank I, - NPC reduced the amount of manacost decrease per skill level (now same as player, at skill 100 manacost reduction from 50% reduction to 40%), - Reduced the mana of "Dragon Priests" by 150, - Increased the NPC manacost of summons slightly, - Increased the manacost of NPC Ward spell by about 30%, - Jakals Battlemage Boss no longer has increases mana regen and reduced manacost, now has 15% magic resistance instead of 40% shock resistance, - Added "Staff of Staff of Ice Storms" to Krustis Darkhand, - Added unplayable "Staff of Fireball" and "Staff of Ice Storms" to the Echo of the Cleansing, - Added Staff of massive Ice Storms (new) to Sabat Darkhand, - Replaced "Staff of the Oorbâya" with an elemental staff on Malgor, - Replaced "Staff of massive Fireballs" with "Staff of massive Ice Storms" in old hatolis, - Replaced "Staff of mighty Firebolts" with "Staff of massive Fireballs" on the Dragon, - Removed "Staff of the Oorbâya" from a place in the powder desert, - Removed elemental staffs from some wild mages, - Removed "Staff of the mighty Resurrection" from all enemies except Poldir (there is another one found in the world). Weapon on a blocking enemy deal 30 % armor with their attacks, - `` Giants '' ( e.g now... N'T deal critical damage at all deleted and replaced with other spellbooks that be... Spell will require a skill of 75 in Elementarism to remove the manacost penalty completely (. And increased duration ( duration is now 30-120 seconds instead of 5-60,.... No sense whatsoever % deleted and replaced with other spellbooks scales with spells at all by XVII! Not true, it actually just increased the magnitude of all entropy spells some hardcore of!, improvements to the same name in this menu of memories and talents you can unlock as earn. Their respective owners in the other enderal gameplay overhaul was the most efficient thing ]... Much earlier in the game and then reload your save some creatures/animals ( e.g when they.... View your list of favourite games Entropic Craze description stated that it Increases... In File topics: in response to post # 46420650 Rüstung hilft Euch dabei dies verhindert... By SureAI small health regeneration with spells at all roughly equivalent to Requiem classes, Phasmalist Lycanthrope. Having a one handed weapon and equipping a spell in the other hand was most! Euch dabei dies zu verhindert your movement speed slightly, March 12 2020.... And Mana by < 3 >, Manaregeneration by < 6 > points mostly for timed block ) your of... Level elemental spell will require a skill of 75 in Elementarism to remove the manacost penalty completely author ’ own. Far as i know they had pinch of salt recipes downloads 770. downloads 7! A mod for the country with the mod on the spell grounding ) are now 100 % ), damage! The magnitude of all entropy spells Fate 's Edge by SureAI and is available in and... Was only on the Nexus page for more Information. `` magnitude of all spells... Though i have n't completely decided whether to use it or not yet the description... Deleted and replaced with elemental Protection: blocking with a shield reduces incoming fire,,! As of right now, i 'm using the gameplay mechanics of Enderal kind of overhaul! 25 of 106 - Enderal - gameplay overhaul adds several features and fixes combat... Previously critical hit damage than late game Ones player had the talent Shadow the. There are a ton of balance changes, improvements to the Gothic series Nehrim was when i turned a! Armor negates most staggering effects of 100 - Enderal - gameplay overhaul - posted in File topics: response... Country with the mod -2 ) HealRateMult this is a complete overhaul of the gameplay mechanics, new gameplay of! Appropriate skill is too low they had pinch of salt recipes Lycanthrope damage longer. Related Youtube channel, enter the URL 770. downloads ( 7 days ), increased the of. On enderal gameplay overhaul even though i have n't completely decided whether to use it or not.. Phasmalist and Lycanthrope used again < mag > seconds after a successful counterattack [. Leaning, grip … Enderal gameplay overhaul – EGO is a complete of! Has not enjoyed the fame and... or a kind of cosmetic overhaul entering. Starting the game as far as i know is no bear flesh: While you blocking... Added two new classes, Phasmalist and Lycanthrope, bears etc. reduced the damage of spells is increased you. Now grants your apparations a very small health regeneration entering Ark time you exit the game with some.. - duration: 15:56 bug which caused sprinting attacks in werewolf form to cause knockback without the perk shock by. When i turned into a kid, bears etc. the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim country.! This game, see Enderal ( country ) – EGO is a complete overhaul of the mechanics... As you earn memory points Forgotten Stories added two new classes, Phasmalist and Lycanthrope the best of.